Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured?

Yes, we are, up to £5m. At Affordable Bouncy Castle Hire, Newport, South Wales we think it would be irresponsible for any company to operate without liability insurance and those companies that don't have insurance should be avoided, you can view our Liability Insurance Documents here.

With the current, "where there's blame, make a claim" attitude, we would also recommend getting your own liability insurance, although not compulsory, for around £14, we think it's money well spent. Head over to our Day Cover Insurance page for more information.

The price that is shown, what does it cover?

The price shown covers the following:

  • All day hire (Subject to availability)
  • Mats
  • Pegs (outdoor venues)
  • Sand bags (indoor venues)
  • Delivery up to 10 miles (charges apply for additional mileage, see our Delivery Areas page for costs)
  • Set up
  • Collection
  • LOTS OF FUN! until the kids are all bounced out

What if the weather forecast is not looking too good?

Above all else, the safety of your kids is the most important thing to us, the last thing you or I would want, is for your celebration to be remembered for the wrong reasons.

Before we set up, we have a number of things to consider, the location of the inflatable and more importantly the weather.

The industry recommends inflatables should NOT be used, where the wind speed of Force 5 on the Beaufort scale of 30-38 kph (19-24 mph) or rain is forecast.

Should we have to cancel your booking, for this reason, we hope you will understand it is not something we enjoy doing.

Is there a cancellation charge?

No, we understand things change, all we ask is that you let us know as soon as possible.

Can we use the inflatables indoors, if so, how high does the ceiling need to be?

You can use the inflatables indoors, as for the height, it does depend on the inflatable being hired, the minimum height of our inflatables is 9 foot and the maximum is 14 foot, if you do plan on having an indoor event, you should check with the venue, they may have restrictions.

When is payment due?

We ask for a £20 deposit, £10 goes towards the cost of hire and £10 is a cleaning deposit, the cleaning deposit is returned should the inflatable not require cleaning when we pick it up, the remaining balance is due on the day of the event, we will arrive, go through the safety instructions, you then sign the hire agreement when we are both happy, you can make payment by cash or card, the bad news is, card payments are not free, we all think it’s something a shop offers free of charge, but it’s not, one way or another we all pay for the privilege, unfortunately, we’re no different, we, therefore need to make a small charge of £1.50, it’s not something we enjoy charging, but it’s necessary to keep costs down and continue to offer an affordable service.

Can we use the bouncy castles on grass or a hard surface?

Using an inflatable on grass is fine, we will use metal pegs to anchor the inflatable down, if the inflatable is being used on hard standing indoors, we will use sandbags to anchor the bouncy castle.

Because of the new rules regarding bouncy castles being used on hard surfaces outside, if we can't anchor the inflatable down, we wouldn't be able to accommodate a booking of this type.

New rules state, the bouncy castle has to be secured at every anchor point with at least 165kg of weight, in the case of our Bounce and Slide we would need 8 x 165kg (a total of 1320kg nearly 1.3 tonnes), unfortunately, we would not be able to carry that sort of weight.

Whatever surface you have, please ensure it is clear of any obstacles, rubbish and in some cases free of any little parcels our pets like to leave lying around.

Is there a delivery cost?

Generally no, however in some circumstances where the venue is further than 10 miles from our location NP182JA, we would charge extra for delivering to your area. You can view our charges here Delivery Areas. We will use Google maps to work out the distance.

Are your inflatables suitable for adults?

No, our bouncy castles have been manufactured to be used by children only, the number of children allowed on the bouncy castle at the same time varies from one inflatable to the next, the following is a rough guide.

Children with a height of up to 1.5m we recommend 2 people

Children with a height of up to 1.2m we recommend 4 people

Children with a height of up to 1.0m we recommend 6 people

Please ensure no one outside these guild lines uses the equipment, furthermore, if an adult uses our inflatables, that could cause unknown damage internally or to the stitches if this happens you will be putting the safety of future users, children, at risk.

If you want to go on a bouncy castle, hire an adult one!

Can I see your Terms and Conditions before I hire?

Yes, we think it's a good idea to read any terms and conditions before you sign up for anything, fortunately, our terms and conditions are not pages and pages long, so will only take a couple of minutes to read, you can read them here.

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